-Stanley Carson
Great Books senior
on why he loves his major

“The Great Books program has changed the way that I read and write in so many ways. It has taught me to read literature from a more critical perspective, not to take a work at face value, and strengthened my ability to use words effectively. The Program also allowed me to read books in translation from all over the world. As someone who also majored in German, exposure to a wide variety of literatures, in several disciplines, was critical for my academic and intellectual development. East Carolina’s Great Books program was also instrumental in preparing me to start my graduate studies at Duke University in their Liberal Studies program.” 

– Harriet Carlton
Spring 2019
MA student at Duke University in Liberal Studies

Carlton holding an inquisitive-looking and fluffy dog

Glenesha Berryman, wearing graduation hat & honor cords and an East Carolina University sweatshirt while admiring a Michigan University sweatshirt outside of the Wright Building.

“The Great Books Program allowed me to pursue a liberal arts education at a large regional university. As a Great Books major, I had the rare but transformative opportunity to read books across time periods, geographic regions, and disciplines. Courses like Great Books of Radical Thought, Great Books of Modern Science, and a Great Books Thesis helped me develop a foundation essential for doctoral study and for life. Through this program, I have matured as a scholar by attending and presenting at conferences, participating in prestigious research fellowships, and building life-long professional relationships. While many ECU students say Go Pirates, I say Go Great Books!”

– Ms. Glenesha Berryman
Spring 2019
PhD student at the University of Michigan in American Studies

“Majoring in Great Books has given me a broader and more meaningful sense of what it means to be human by engaging with different texts from around the world. The Great Books program showed me that while each of us is an individual, there is immense value in trying to understand our common human experience. As a Great Books and Philosophy double-major, studying Great Books expanded my understanding of philosophical concepts and sharpened my critical reasoning, reading, and writing skills. The program provided a unique opportunity to take advanced classes in multiple departments, taught by experts from different fields. Great Books expanded my academic horizons and has encouraged me to pursue further education.”

– Mr. Benjamin Tellis
Fall 2019
MA student in Philosophy at George Mason

“I was a triple major. Of my three majors, it was my Great Books major that helped to bridge the gap between matter (my Chemistry major) and mind (my Classics major), giving me perspective on the human experience as a whole. Answers to the question of what it means to be human are thick with political, social, and cultural overlays …the ability to analyze the world across time and space through Great Books has, undoubtedly, made me a kinder, more open person. My Great Books classes have led me to reflect more carefully on my aspirations and notions of happiness. I am now much more secure in my plans for my future, ready to enter the real world with confidence and open-mindedness.”

– Ms. Alison Moller
Spring 2019
in law school